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TravelMole has grown from 6,000 subscribers in 1999 to 250,000 travel pros currently registered at www.TravelMole.com, generating 1.5m+ page views each month.  TravelMole’s daily UK and USA eNewsletter are each subscribed by 100,000+ members and, 61,000 for Australia/SE Asia & India.  55,000+ are followers or members on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

Timely Editorial with TravelMole's daily news coverage and analysis, written by well known journalists, including prior editors from TravelWeekly and TTG, are delivered in real-time, providing its members valuable information to excel in their jobs and increase sales.

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TravelMole is a member of the OmniTourism Group, a global provider of travel and tourism services and systems for content management, aggregation and distribution for consumers and the travel industry.

TravelMole's management team include some the travel and tourism industry's most experienced and respected eMarketing, Travel Industry and journalism professionals in North America, UK/Europe and South Pacific. Likewise, its editorial staff includes recognised journalists, previously from major travel print publications. The common thread amongst the team is their belief in and commitment to the internet as an effective medium for information, news and networking.


TravelMole is a very large community with 3 regional web sites:

1. TravelMole UK
2. TravelMole USA
3. TravelMole Australia & Asia Pacific

There are three elements: the website itself which brings together travel and tourism professionals via daily trade news reports, networking and job opportunities, topical discussion, searchable archives and reference directories free eNewsletter bulletins, which provide a reliable digest of the latest trade news. Personalise your website and eNewsletter content preferences through MyTravelMole.


Growth of online advertising continues at double digit every year, as it provides advertisers proven cost effecting return on their investment for branding and/or sales promotion to the travel and tourism industry.

TravelMole provides a mix of channels for your campaigns, ensuring maximum flexibility in the types of content delivered and maximum reader engagement over the campaign period.  Our traditional tried and proven campaign leverages our eNewsletters, web sites, EDM email blasts, sponsored news article, social media, sponsorship, videos, and press releases.  Based on figures on recent extended campaigns, one can expect to receive several million impressions from travel industry professionals and nearly 50,000 clicks to your website.

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Attached are samples of Mole Partner Edition eblasts.  View sample press release and sponsored news.
All art work, sponsored news articles and press release are client provided.

- Florida Friday https://bit.ly/2GBUw81
- Brand USA https://bit.ly/2svPqWs
- Centara Hotels and Resorts https://bit.ly/2Jrriuw
- Travel2 https://bit.ly/2kViq60

Some enhanced offerings for engaging the travel trade about your company, products, expertise, online training… include:
• Podcast infomercials and interviews: include your recorded audio piece, about your company, product, a subject you are experts, interview Q&A format and/or etc.  A brief editorial or sponsored news story would be written, with links to the podcast, which appears on TravelMole eNewsletter, website, posted to Twitter, Facebook.  The podcast is also posted to very popular SoundCloud, Archive.org, Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Play, etc.
• Webinars: while prolific in USA b2b market, with 85% staying on average 50 minutes, it is hardly used in UK or Asia Pacific.  Guaranteed 400 registrations from our UK subscriber base.  Webinars can be standard live slide show variety or enhanced pre-recorded production with video, photo of speaker(s), etc. played as if ‘live’ with live Q&A.
• Live casts from your destination: A TravelMole journalist visits your destination to blog and post videos for distribution through all out channels.
• Sporting and networking event sponsorship: TravelMole Regatta (sponsor your own competing boat), The Travel Industry Golf Tournaments at your local market or destination (October 2019 in Punta Cana); TravelMole UK Awards (business attire networking), etc.
• Postings to TravelMole’s 55,000+ followers and members on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin..


  • TravelMole editorial is objective at all times and not influenced by any advertiser.
  • Editorial is not influenced by commercial decisions including the interests of advertisers.
  • Editorial comment and opinion are clearly marked as such.
  • All news stories are as accurate, fair and balanced as possible and every attempt is made to get both sides of any story.
  • Sources promised confidentiality are protected at all costs but where possible our information sources are identified as specifically as possible.
  • TravelMole only accept press trips conditionally on our being free to assign and report or not report any resulting story as we see fit. Hospitality never compromises our journalistic integrity.
  • Our staff do not use their position with TravelMole to obtain private benefits for themselves or others, without prior approval from their publisher, in writing.
  • Paid for content is identified as such so there is no confusion/ambiguity for the reader. All advertorials are clearly marked as Advertising features, supplements, Sponsored, Partner Edition.
  • No one other than a TravelMole group journalist, editor, and publisher has the right to editorial copy approval, unless they have received prior written authority from the Publisher.